Organic Chocolate Rolled Treasure


She Universe are a luxurious Christchurch chocolate shop with a whole lot of heart. The first two things on their ingredient list are Love and Creativity... how beautiful is that!? Their flavor combinations are out of this world (no wonder they're called 'She Universe'!) Here's what they have to say: "She Universe is about living an extraordinary life. We hope our love of creating amazing chocolate touches more than your taste buds; we hope to open your heart to a greater taste for the love of life!"

This collection is hand panned in boutique batches and dusted in cacao powder for an authentic taste sensation. Each piece is a nugget of gold!

Chose your flavor...

ROLLED HAZELNUTS: Crunchy roasted hazelnuts encased in 56% cacao dark organic chocolate mingle on your pallet and throw forward memories of nutella on toast. Irresistible and addictive!

ROLLED GINGER: Soft crystallized ginger enveloped in rich dark 56% cacao chocolate creates an opulent experience that will keep you reaching for more!

ROLLED CACAO BEANS: Chocolaty toasted cacao beans burst through a thick layer of 70% cacao rich dark chocolate for a unique taste experience. Be taken on a journey with the opulence of this flavour combination!