Organic Chocolate Tablet


8She Universe are a luxurious Christchurch chocolate shop with a whole lot of heart. The first two things on their ingredient list are Love and Creativity... how beautiful is that!? Their flavour combinations are out of this world (no wonder they're called 'She Universe'!) Here's what they have to say: "She Universe is about living an extraordinary life. We hope our love of creating amazing chocolate touches more than your taste buds; we hope to open your heart to a greater taste for the love of life!"

Chose your flavour...

ORANGE &MANDARIN: Experience the flavour that is released when orange oil meets mandarin in the arms of creamy chocolate. With every mouthful enjoy the wonderment that exists within.

GO NUTS AND BE FRUITY: This chocolate is nuts, it's fruity and it's yours! It's a mad hatter day with this chocolate in your hands so live the unexpected.

RASPBERRY:  Be taken by the wild sweetness of freeze dried raspberries. Allow the crunch and burst of flavour of these sacred berries to fuel your spirit. Bold, audacious and spiritful is in your hands. Have an amazing day of fire blazing heartful change.