Organic Chocolate Tiles


She Universe are a luxurious Christchurch chocolate shop with a whole lot of heart. The first two things on their ingredient list are Love and Creativity... how beautiful is that!? Their flavour combinations are out of this world (no wonder they're called 'She Universe'!) Here's what they have to say: "She Universe is about living an extraordinary life. We hope our love of creating amazing chocolate touches more than your taste buds; we hope to open your heart to a greater taste for the love of life!"

Rock your world and awaken your taste buds with the thins sensation. The thins collection was created from the profound experience during the Christchurch earthquakes. They are creative, adventurous and outside the box! Expect the unexpected and live an extraordinary life. 

Chose your flavor...

SASSY SESAME SNAP: A sweet and salty combination of amazing-ness. Tamari roasted sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are enveloped in creamy dark chocolate- be careful because this flavor is seriously addictive and a best seller.

GINGER SNAP: Hot and gingery this a mildly fiery flavor with sprinkles of gold fairy dust on top. The dark chocolate intensity harmonizes beautifully with the hit of heat from the ginger.

DRAGON SNAP: Chili warms the palette and the cacao nibs add a beautiful, textural crunch to finish. This is a dark chocolate and is perfect for chili lovers.