Everything's rosie here at Mint Floral HQ x April 08 2015

We always have beautiful New Zealand grown roses in stock. We use three different growers to make sure we always have a wide array of the different varieties. We stock roses that are grown in Matakana, Pukekohe and Kumeu. We choose ones that have fat heads which are solid with petals, have a strong stem and vibrant true colour. We use them in our mixed bouquets as well as in bouquets on their own. Roses are always a popular choice for our bride-to-be wedding posies. We love wrapping them in natural brown paper with hessian detail, our logo stamp and tied with string- we're well know for this signature look.

Check out our boxed rose product where you can choose your colour preference here:http://www.mintfloral.co.nz/collections/floral-menu/products/boxed-roses

The Minties x