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Order now for Whangarei wide delivery or in-store pick-up. Open week days 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 12noon . Same day delivery available if ordered before 12noon week days and 10am Saturdays.
Order now for Whangarei wide delivery or in-store pick-up. Open week days 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 12noon . Same day delivery available if ordered before 12noon week days and 10am Saturdays.




JASMINE FULLER - Co-Owner / Creative Director / Head Florist

With over a decade of floral experience, Jasmine's creative hands have no limits. She was born in the 'Garden City' of Christchurch but moved to Whangarei at intermediate age and completed her schooling here. She then went on to study art at the University of Auckland, during which time she sold her paintings and was commissioned to paint many private artworks and public murals. She also studied to become a high school art teacher, however flowers kept calling her back. She worked for many years in Auckland for high end flower shops when she then met her partner, Bryce. As the relationship developed so did the idea of Mint Floral. They both share a love for all that is artistic and beautiful. They both have an eye for detail and love creating quality work. At Mint, Jasmine is the wedding and event specialist but you'll still see her in store whipping up bouquets, developing the website, posting on social media and generally creating a fun work environment for her wonderful staff. Jasmine created our website herself and does all our photography and graphic design. Outside of flowers she is enthusiastic about the Vegan movement, raw organic food, gluten-free cooking, exploring nature, camping, wearable art, painting, running and restoring furniture. FAVOURITE FLOWER: Waterlilies.


BRYCE WILLIAMS - Co-Owner / Director / Floral Courier

With a career in signage and a background in art, specifically mural painting, Bryce brings an element of flair to Mint Floral. He's a joker and is never short of original one-liners. He has the Mint girls in stitches more than once a day! His calmness and centered nature brings great balance to the team. Bryce is driven by a desire to create consistent and quality work. He grew up in Auckland and also spent some years working in Sydney, Australia, before meeting Jasmine. Their mutual love of art and creativity has ignited many collaborative works between this dynamic duo. The greatest of them all being Mint Floral of course! Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family and friends, catching waves, exploring nature, street art, sports and fitness. If you order a delivery from Mint Floral, it will most likely be delivered with a smile, by Bryce, in our fully sign written van (which he did himself of course!) FAVORITE FLOWER: Gerberas


GEORGIA FANCY - Senior Florist / Wedding and Event Specialist

After graduating with a Diploma in Photography in Auckland, Georgia knew that a career in floristry was calling her. We received an excited email in mid-2017 asking to meet with us and expressing how passionate she was about entering the floral trade. Georgia has been an extremely fast learner and is very talented. She has the sweetest nature and we are loving getting to know her happy personality. She is focused, conscientious and has an eye for detail, which lends itself very well to the floristry industry. She has a Beagle Puppy called Penny, who likes to visit our store. Outside of her work life, she loves hanging with Penny at the beach, vegan baking, painting, drawing and photography, but she really doesn't like cooked veges - only raw ones, and loves 'chippies'. FAVORITE FLOWERS: Stock



After graduating from High School and spending a year in fashion retail, Keely felt a pull towards a creative career. Her manifestations were answered in late 2018 when she saw a post on social media about Mint Floral seeking an apprentice florist, and she felt it was the perfect timing for her to take the leap to learn something new and be surrounded by natural beauty. Keely is bubbly and energetic and will whip up your bouquet in store super fast. She's also a talented singer with the voice of an angel and we reckon one day she'll be a pop star! She loves bright colours, edgy fashion and Japanese culture. If you visit our store you'll be blessed by her smile and personable demeanor. FAVORITE FLOWERS: Big fluffy standard chrysanthemums.



After a successful career in banking and finance, a few big changes in her life circumstance persuaded her to follow her dreams into a career of floristry. She knew Jasmine as they were in the same year at High School and decided to throw a line out and ask if there were any positions available at Mint Floral. Jasmine knew Tess had a great character so she and Bryce made a position for her in early 2019. Tess is an incredible painter, has a strong sense of style and has a hilarious comedian streak - she has mastered the art getting anyone to laugh. In store she will talk to you as if she's known you her whole life. She has the warmest way of connecting with others and makes everyone feel welcome. In store she will greet you with her reassuring smile and will work her creative floral magic for you. FAVORITE FLOWERS: Wild Flowers

TEZA SMITH - Florist

After graduating with multiple achievements in visual arts, design and fashion, Teza felt a pull towards the floral industry. She was lured by the unique marriage of nature, design and customer interface that floristry provides. In early 2020 Teza happily became a 'Minty' and learned about flowers, the Mint Floral way. She is kind, patient and understanding, which makes her the perfect personality to fit in with our team of friendly and humble creatives. Teza enjoys painting and drawing and has an incredible illustration style.  Teza naturally wants to help people and holds her spiritual faith close to her heart. She is one of 5 sisters and is Northland born and raised in a beautiful plant-based, home-schooled family. FAVORITE FLOWERS: Peonies